Monday, March 1, 2010

Todays Shoot - A Loss For Words

A Loss For Words is on the brink of dropping their new CD which is all Motown covers.

The idea for the shoot was to do a Motown style shot, so I was researching everything from the Four Tops, to the Temptations, and even some Four Seasons, Frank Sinatra, etc. for ideas.

I shot it all with either natural light or with an on-camera flash, as many photo shoots back on those days were done with a mere flashbulb - I did however use diffusion rather then a hot-flash.

We were very lucky in that The Hippodrome in Springfield allowed us to not only shoot in front of, but inside their 80 year old theater (oringially called The Paramount Theater, which did house many of the acts covered on their upcoming motown CD.

These are not the final images as I am going to do some post production to age the images as naturally (well... natural looking..) as possible.

So - here are some of the shots - keep in mind they are NOT the final product, and make sure to pick up their new cd when it drops in may!

Shot with natural light, ISO400 - F10 at a 160th or 200th

These shots are around F3.5-F5.6 at a 4th-10th ISO 400 - dropped the speed down to soak in some of the natural lighting of the club, which of course is very warm and red - but when its desaturated or black and white for the final images - that wont matter.

The next couple shots were in the studio shot at ISO125 - F16 - at a 160th - shot with two softboxs at about 45 degrees in toward the center for flat lighting and a beauty dish up top for even more of the flat classic/traditional type of lighting.

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