Sunday, March 14, 2010

Todays Shoot - My Children My Bride (Part 1)

Today was a late night after-show shoot.

For those who arent in the know... one of the many projects I have been shooting for a while is for an upcoming tattoo book. I've shot a ton of models and bands for it (the used, my chem, slayer, etc.)

So this shoot was planned for just Matthew, Dan and Robert, as they were the members of MCMB with tattoo work.

For these shots, and all of the shots I have done for the project, its VERY flat lighting, 3 profoto compacts - 2 3x4 soft boxes at the corners of the paper pointed in at a 45 degree angle - with a 1x4 soft box up top above them pointed down toward their faces as a fill. The reason I do this is to get ZERO shadowing on the tattoos/subject. Its shot at 160ISO - a F16 - at a 125th - shot with the 70-200 lens. - see unedited images below.

After shooting the tattoo stuff, we did a quick shot for one of the many companies I work for - In Tune GP guitar picks. Who not only print my picks, which you may have seen, but print the guitar picks for most of the major touring bands on the planet, So I figured we would do a quick shot to get MCMB on the client page, as they are endorsed by them.

For these shots I used one 3x4 soft box boomed up top, and two bare blubs pointing in for rim/hair/whatever you wanna call it - at 50% power. These were shot at the same settings as the tattoo shots, but with the 16-35 lens to give the picks more depth and bring them closer to the lens/bigger in the shot. - see unedited images below

After the pick shots, the dudes found their way to my weapon table (as people tend to do) so we did some fun shots with weapons for the heck of it.

In these shots its a beauty dish boomed above the guys with the two bare bulbs behind them as a rim BUT!!! that was a mistake - unfortunatly someone else who uses my studio turned off the modeling lamps - so I forgot those two lights were even on (DOH!) I wanted it to be much more creepy then they are buuuuuuuut luckily we got to reshoot it the next day anyway.

check out the unedited photos below

After shooting, we decided to meet up the next day for an all out group shoot! which I was pretty stoked on, because these dudes have always been super nice, so I figured I'd push it to a few mags I work for.

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