Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Todays Shoot - U-God of The Wu Tang Clan

My girl, has been friends with the Wu-Tang crew for a while - so she mentioned my work, what i do, etc. to the guys, and U-God - who is a close friend of hers - wanted to come up for a shoot.

SO! She rolled up to the studio with U-God for a quick shoot

I decided to try and do this entire shoot with just ONE LIGHT!

We started in studio - shooting with a boomed profoto compact 300 at 50% pointed straight down with a beauty dish

I was shooting with the 70-200 2.8 L lens - shot at F20 - ISO125 - at a 160th - we did some serious shots and some fun shots - he saw the guns in the studio and right away was like "we GOT to use them!" haha.

After shooting in studio we went outside and shot against a concrete wall using a boomed dynalite uni400 with a beauty dish - again pointed down but with a slight angle toward the wall - this time shooting with the 24-70 2.8 L ISO100 - F20 - 160th

I wanted to give him a different look - more stylized and darker than what ive seen in previous work, but I also wanted to give him some warm, brighter photos - So I did some with natural light shooting at a 2.8 at a 200th - he even gave a DIO/Metal tribute during the shoot

We did a set inside the building - which, as im sure youve seen, is a creepy industrial building, I wasnt feeling it as much as outside - but I got one shot I really liked - same settings as before 160th at F20

So being that I liked outside better - we went back outside - I wanted to get some shots against the stormy sky - these were shot at a 125th F20 - I really like the shot with his hands up.

I get asked alot why I shoot at a high f-stop sometimes - and generally its because I want EVERYTHING in field, sharp. with very little fall out. - hope that makes sense? - in these images - you can really see everything as sharp as can be - in other situations ill shoot a lower Fstop - more like a 10th-14th... i think every shoot has its own necessary settings :)

After the quick shoot, They took off as she had a shoot to do, but even with a quick shoot, the outcome was so awesome. Hopefully I will be working with a few other of the Wu-Tang dudes, and if all goes well - im really hoping - and its looking like - i may do a shoot with the ENTIRE CREW! in the near future.

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