Saturday, August 7, 2010

Todays Shoot - Reign Supreme

Todays shoot is with my good friends in Reign Supreme - who are always awesome to work with.

For this one I wanted to give them brighter and shots that pop a whole bunch more than our last shoot - just so it doesnt look the same

We shot in the parking lot of the palladium, I used two rims - bare dynalite uni400s - and a beauty dish as a main - i didnt boom it - just used it for front lighting

I was using the 24-70 shooting at F14 ISO100

After that set we went across the way behind a bar and did a quick shot with a boomed beauty dish - shot at F16 - giving them a darker feel

After that we found a wall with alot of mids (greytones) and I shot some natural light photos at 2.8 to really give depth

Its always awesome working with these dudes - and hopefully they will be in front of my lens again next time they come around

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