Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Todays Shoot - Christine

About once or twice a year I get a message asking for senior portraits - knowing well that they wont get "traditional" portraits - which is pretty much why they would contact me about it.

Anyhoo - so we went for some darker images

we started off with a beauty dish boomed up top shooting with the 70-200 at F18

Then we rolled outside and shot some natural light photos in various spots - some more midtoned with alot of greys - some cold tone with alot of greens - and a really awesome darker creepy location with lots of vines - all of these were shot with the 24-70 at 2.8 - my shutter speed changes with the lighting anywhere from a risky 60th to a 2000th when in direct light - all in all i really like how the darker photos came out

We went back in studio for the final shot where she wanted to use her hair-model head...things... (i dont know what theyre called, but its what hair-school people use to practice) - anyway - she wanted to use them as like a severed head - then i had an idea to put her head on a table with them and look like it was cut off... her parents were actually way into it! - i used full lighting for this - two 3x4 soft boxes at 75% - one 1x4 soft box up front at 100%

all in all these came out awesome - i think i was just as stoked on these shots as she was.

she also ended up going to my workshop which was just a few days later - as she is going into becoming a photographer/model/hair artist/everything

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