Saturday, August 14, 2010

Todays Shoot - Slayer - Megadeth - Testament (live)

Today was the first of two days shooting the american carnage tour.

I wasnt sure exactly what days what shoots were happening - so this day ended up just being live stuff - which was cool, because that meant I would have a day to really see the show/shoot it before shooting it a second time to get better shots (which I did)

Now being that this is one of the bigger shows, at a bigger venue, that means no flash is allowed (booo) - for some bands with good lighting, that doesnt matter, but with some bands that flood the stage with a heavily saturated color - your shots either need to be edited or they will all look like the devil or the hulk or avatar. haha.

First up was testament - whos lighting was terrrrrrriiiiblleee. it sucks to have one of the best bands in metal.. EVER! in front of your lens and not be able to really give them much justice due to the lighting limitations generally set onto support bands.

I shot at 2.8 at F400 - there werent any spots used and it was mostly backlighting - red and green - but every now and again some whites and yellows pop through and I could get a solid shot. All in all I ended up getting more than enough good shots to work with, but I cant wait for their next headliner where they have awesome lighting!

After Testament it was time for Megadeth! They always have solid white lighting or spotlights, and on top of that - they are one of the best sounding live bands - on earth, so its always good getting to shoot them. For Megadeth i was pretty much at the same settings, because there was alot of red flood happening during the majority, but still managed to get some solid shots during the set.

Last up was Slayer - whos stage movement is always minimal - so they are pretty easy to get good shots of... all you really have to do is wait for the lighting to hit the way you want it to.

The singer - Tom - always had some pretty awesome white light hitting him, but the rest of the band barely had any front lighting the entire set, so you pretty much have to wait until their head turns up to get any sort of solid shot of the guitarists (Kerry and Jeff). BUT! paitence pays - check it out

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