Monday, August 16, 2010

Todays Shoot - Megadeth

If you told me when i was 12, I was going to get to do an assignment - for work - and that job would be to do a photo session with MEGADETH - i would have asked for a time machine to that day to prove you wrong... buuuuut given a very fortunate turn of events - I did actually get the opportunity to do this shoot.

Originally I was supposed to do three sets of photos and solos, and have about 15-20 minutes with the band.

That turned into five minutes, and one set. - no biggie - i knew how to make it work, and have worked with WAY less before.

So there was an empty trucks trailer - and i figured i could light it to look awesome.

I used two bare parabolics one pointed behind them and away and up - to light everything behind them and above them - then one pointed at them and down toward to floor to give some leading lines - drop shadows on their legs - etc. - then used a beauty dish main as a hard light - figuring i wanted these images to be REALLY bright - and metal - lots of highlights and mids - not many shadows - if any at all.

All of these shots are at 160th - F14 - ISO100 - with the 24-70 lens - it was a tight shot so being able to go wide with out having a ridiculous amount of distortion was key!

I started with group shots - did some shots of the two daves - then some solos - check it out!

All in all - it was the biggest honor and privilege getting to work with David Ellefson yet again - as he is one of the best dudes in the industry - also getting to work with a band that is not only legendary in their own right - but has inspired many, if not most - of the bands ive had the opportunity to work with over my career. - Look for these images in outburn and hails and horns soon!

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