Monday, August 16, 2010

Todays Shoot - Slayer


also know as Slayer, have been one of the most legendary and influential bands of all time, not to mention a band I have followed and listened to since I was about... 9.

I had an excellent opportunity to shoot both Slayer and Megadeth back to back in one night on the American Carnage tour. Now - a shoot like that is kind of surreal - getting to work with two of the most legendary metal bands of all time - both in one night?! AH! SOME!

For Slayer I wanted something darker, more evil/creepy than Megadeth - obviously as that is more their style, musically and lyrically, but I never see them shot that way... soooo I figured it was about time.

I wanted to shoot them against a smooth concrete wall, but the building lacked it aside from one spot just outside the loading docks, I had to clear out a bunch of random stuff like ladders, pallets, etc. but I found a spot with a little bit of ivy but a mostly smooth wall to work with.

I boomed a Dynalite Uni400 with a beauty dish - and shot at ISO100 at F20 - at a 160th using the Canon Mark 2 1ds and the 24-70. - it was about 830 so the light was BARELY there to get a focus point, but we made it work! - see images below

All in all it was a massive honor getting to work with Slayer again. Anytime I get to work with people I've followed or looked up to for years, and they end up being super nice, easy to work with, and you get the shots you want... cant really ask for more.. other than to wish I also got to see this same line up in like 1994 haha. So until next time - remember that the longest band name - and word ever created is SSSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR.

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