Sunday, July 17, 2011

Warped Tour Shoots - Weerd Science

My buddy Josh aka Weerd Science was on the tour, so we figured it would be kinda cool to do a quick shoot for the warped spread.

We set up in a few areas for this one - first off was the backroad behind the main stage where I also shot Kevin and Johnny, I went with the same triangular lighting here, Shooting at F13 at iso 100 at a 200th - for some reason the sun was blazing at this time so i jumped my main light up to 75%

Shot again with dynalite uni400s and the canon 24-70 2.8 on the mark 2 1ds

for the second shot we went around to the green fence nearby and shot with a boomed beauty dish at F 16 for a few shots

last up I did some natural light shots against a green wall behind main stage (well, the MAIN STAGE not warped tours main stage). and shot these between F8 and F 2.8 to get a variety of depths of field - i was at ISO200 because the sun was fading out a bit and I needed that extra kick of light for the shots.

Always awesome getting to see, hang with, and shoot Josh. Its amazing to see where he started and where he is now. Such a talented dude.

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