Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warped Tour Shoots - Asking Alexandria

At the venue in Mansfield, I know exactly where I can shoot that will look good. There is a concrete bridge/tunnel I tend to do alot of my shoots in there (murderdolls, deftones, etc) where I know I can make it look different each shoot.

For this one, I knew I had to be quick and simple, it was 100+ degrees out, if I shot for too long my batteries would overheat and possibly pop a circuit or a light could blow as that type of weather is NOT good for using equipment that is weather sensitive (only had an issue once though, cause dynalite rules).

Anyway, I went with simplicity and set up a quick triangular lighting set, two bare parabolic rims and a single large beauty dish main - for this one i left the main at 40% and kicked the rims up to 50% so they would just be a touch brighter. - shooting with a dynalite jackrabbit kit - three uni400s

I shot these at F13 at ISO100 at a 160th

Next up I did some solos of Danny against the sky - keeping with the same lighting structure - I turned all my lights to 70% and jumped to F14 to bring in the sky but not completely blow out the highlights. - the trick to these shots is making sure the light hitting your subject is equal to the light around them - and balancing the two with your shutter speed (letting the light in for the right about to time to balance it) - and fstop to be dead on with your exposure. - i used the canon 24-70 for this shoot

See more of these shots in print in the next issue of hails and horns, outburn, and amp magazine

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