Sunday, July 3, 2011

Todays Shoot - Fireworks, Guns, and Canons

Anytime I get an invite from Phil (Labonte of All That Remains) to go shoot stuff, blow up stuff, or eat food, im always down, because a solid 80% of the time it turns into some sort of adventure, or I get to do something awesome for the first time, like shoot a gun, watch a canon go off, etc. Plus hes a great friend that I dont get to see too often due to him being on the road always.

SO! when he told me to come up for a fourth of July cook out and shoot out and he sent the words "BRING YOUR CAMERA!" I knew it was going to be good times.

So I made some food and hit the road for NH. I wasnt sure exactly where his new place was, but I hit a road that goes around a beautiful lake, then I see a sign that says "dont tread on me" and another that says "gun store"... yep. im here!

As im parking I hear POP! POP! POPPOP! PAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPA! yep - i have definitely arrived to phil-land. ha - machine guns!

First thing I see when I get there are two tables full of guns.. awesome! one of them was pink! so epic!

So the first thing to really kick it off was a canon! Rob shot a concrete filled can of soda out of it - and you can actually see it in the photo (just above the smoke). I shot all these photos on high speed so I had a solid chance of getting the fire-shot - which i got 80% of the time - anyway - here are canons and guns. tadaa.

Next up I handed my camera to Phil and shot a machine gun for the first time! it kinda ruled and kinda sucked - the smoke went into my eye toward the end of the mag, and oooof that shit stings! my eyes were tearing up badly. haha. oh well.

Rob set... some impact smoke explosion things - i forget what they are called - but you shoot it - then BOOM - loud explosion and smoke - check it!

yeah there was a grenade launcher, shot orange smoke marker thingys - used for training - sorry i dont know the terms for these things ha

Another canon...

I shot a few fireworks from the side of a road near water - I should have gone down to the dock to get shots clear of trees and everything but didnt think I could - so heres the first group - from the water

When we got back to the house they had their own plethora of fireworks - I experimented with long exposures - shooting at 6-10 seconds at F19-22 - got some really cool stuff from it - check it out!

Last thing they did was shoot fireworks out of a canon... yyyyyyeah. that happened. it worked once but the other two times it was just a loud explosion.

SUCH! an AWESOME! way to celebrate the 4th. I dont think that will ever be topped, but I hope to be proven wrong one day.

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