Sunday, July 17, 2011

Warped Tour Shoots - Kevin Lyman

A bit more behind the scenes is the creator of Warped Tour (and Mayhem Fest) Kevin Lyman.

Between my many shoots today, I decided it would be cool to snag him for a minute and do a quick shot of him to pull this Warped Tour spread together.

SO, I shot him in the same area I shot BVB and Johnny Plague, because it was not only the only location around that worked, but it was the best location around.

I had him grab his bike he was riding around, and set up triangular lighting (two bare rims and a main light which was a large beauty dish)

for lighting - its the same as the rest - 3 dynalite jackrabbit uni400s set at 50% power - shot with the 24-70 2.8 L canon lens on the canon mark 2 1ds body at F10 - ISO100 at a 200th (as it was very bright out)

I shot him so the road would create a bit of depth and the sky would create a perfect balance between the road - which i made sure wouldnt go dark so there wouldnt be and over abundance of contrast.

It was awesome getting to do a quick shoot with him, I havent photographed him since the first taste of chaos with my chem and the used so its been a while, but I think having the person who is responsible for the tour in the tour spread is a key shot and really brings it together, and in this instance, there truly isnt a nicer or harder working person out there.

Thanks Kevin!

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