Friday, May 27, 2011

Todays Shoot - Get Scared

I first saw Get Scared when I did two days shooting Escape The Fate for Outburn, and they not only put on an incredible show, but they also really impressed me, which is actually a pretty difficult feat being that im a jaded music elitist haha.

One of the shots I got of them from those shows is in the current issue of Outburn, so I brought a bunch of copies to the Aiden, Eyes Set to Kill, Get Scared, Vampires Everywhere, Dr Acula tour. because most of the bands were in the new issue with a review or photo, or whatever.

I love shooting bands with a strong image. Its why Ive done a bunch of work with bands like slipknot, 18visions, bleeding through, motionless in white, misfits, aiden, etc. So seeing Get Scared - I knew i had to get them in front of my lens.

I already had set up shoots with Aiden and Eyes Set to Kill for the day, so when I saw it was going to be a pretty nice day for shooting, I figured I would set up a quick shoot with Get Scared, which they obliged.

So after shooting Eyes Set to Kill, and Vampires Everywhere (I also ended up doing a shoot with them that day), It was time to shoot Get Scared.

Time was tight due to them going on stage next, and with alot of bands I've shot (slipknot, gwar, cradle of filth, behemoth, etc.) who wear make up, or have stage outfits, they generally have a very short amount of time to shoot directly before they hit the stage. SO! I was ready to shoot well before they were, as my assistant set up in the location - which was the parking lot across from the front door of the palladium.

I started with some natural light shots of Nicholas - because it started getting dark out I jumped my ISO to 400 and shot at 2.8 at a 160th at a 125h - I was shooting with the 24-70 2.8 lens on the Canon 1ds mark 2. This was the first shoot I loaded into lightroom and the vignette they put on the import library looked so awesome i tried it out on a few shots - but meh - its over done - but ill put em in here so you can peep em anyway. heres the shots.

Next up I did some natural light group shots - still at 2.8 - and I shot these wide because of the natural vignette it gets - pushing the brightest point of even lighting to the center of the image while not completely darkening the boarders. I had to jump down to an 80th as light was fading fast.

Next up - I used two large softboxes - which I havent done on location in a long time, but I figured soft split lighting on this band would look excellent - and im usually right? right?! RIGHT! so! I set these 3x4 boxes up on dynalite uni400s at 70% power (had to up them a bit for the soft lighting to hit hard enough) and shot these at F10 at ISO100 at a 125th

Next. I switched with them, I stood where they were standing - and had them stand where I was shooting from - kept everything the same - and tada - a completely different shot! These are at an 80th (to bring in the sky) at F10

Another quick switch - i took out the two soft boxes for a boomed beauty dish to get more selective and directional lighting - it was up top pointed straight down - and this minor change gives you almost a completely different look - these are at F16 at a 30th (to bring in the sky)

By the time the last shot was taken they had to literally run directly on stage - which isnt uncommon for shoots with bands who have stage outfits - i remember shooting behemoth as their intro music went on haha.

I'm STOKED on how these shots came out, and I really hope I can get them in front of my lens again in the near future - maybe next time they come around.

See these shots in print this august!

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