Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Todays Shoot - Four Year Strong

As you know, if you follow FYS, they had recently parted ways with Josh (the keyboardist and screamer) as they are moving in a musical direction that no longer called for him to be a part of the band.

I knew they would need some images between now and their next cycle with the current line up for various press, so I set up a shoot with them to happen at the webster theater before doors.

Though photos arent one of Four Year Strongs favorite thing to do, I have shot them enough where they know how I work and I know how they work, and this time no fire was involved so, it would be much safer haha.

We started in the merch area shooting against the metal gate to the deads room. I set up two rim lights put them up about 6 feet high - and used a boomed beauty dish pointed straight at the band - all were at 70% power - dynalite uni400s - shot with the Canon 1ds Markii - 24-70 lens.

I was going for a look with and with out lens flare, but it caught a but more flare to the left (camera right) due to positioning, I had to edit contrast a bit on that side because of a bit too much flare, but all in all it worked out, as you can see... F18 at a 160th ISO100

Next up I wanted to shoot them against their back drop, but a band was loading on stage - SO! it got real tricky - the stage is super high - there was part of a barricade set up, and i had three lights... ok so the obvious is to put the beauty dish on them - then I set up two rim lights to their left and right sort of as split fill lighting from above (you can see the angle of the lighting right?) - and this shot was ment to be them and a dark background - F16 at a 10th - ISO100

After shooting that we put to rim lights on the background to give it a canned look and to bright light to it - still going with the same settings F16 at a 10th - ISO100 - but i believe we turned the rim lights up to 80% to throw more light on that backdrop

We went up to the dressing room, and I knew I wanted to shoot against the plumb colored wall which looks awesome when hit with direct light - so i set up a boomed dish - set it directly toward them at 50% because it was really close and I wanted a harsh light point with heavy fall off (mission accomplished) to give a slight natural vignette - these are at F16 at a 125th.

For the last group shots we set up on the couch, I wanted to do something with alot of light bleed and a little more fun - so I set up two rims at 50% and a straight dish at 75% - shot at F16 - but had them sitting on the top of the couch, standing up, throwing pillows, being more animated all with light bleed but not enough to compromise the image.

Last shots were going to be solos of everyone then dan and alan, separate and combined, as well as Dan asked me to do some shots of him with his guitar, so I would do those with the same lighting - for this its the same as earlier - single dish - F16 - and i missed with the crop a bit - doing some off center shots to make it a bit more interesting - still at a 125th

It was awesome getting to work with these dudes again (and again) - and im sure, again in the future. Great dudes, great band, that combo is much more rare than youd think!

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