Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Todays Shoot - Foxy Shazam

This was my first time working with the dudes in Foxy Shazam. I've heard about them time and time again and then got the assignment to shoot them, so I set it up, and planned on shooting before doors, because we would have much more to work with before a ton of fans arrive.

At the webster there arent many places to shoot, so after doing a ton of shoots there its difficult to come up with something you havent already shot... twice.

SO! thats why I liked shooting earlier in the day so we could pretty much shoot anywhere and not be in anyones way.

We started off in the parking lot. I wanted to get a good sky shot, so I set them up to the right hand side of the lot where there isnt a high house line, and a good spot to get alot of sky. I set up two rim lights to their left and right, and then a dish pointed at them from a slight downward angle to get very little directional lighting but still staying full. These are at F16 at a 125th ISO100 - shooting with the Canon 1ds Mark 2 - 24-70 lens.

We went down to their dressing room, which was downstairs below the webster, with newly painted orange walls. I figured I could do something cool with spot lighting, using the beauty dish like it was an on camera flash. Now, it is no easy feat to fit 6 people on a couch, so we did what we could and I shot these at F10 - I dropped the power to the light to 15% so it wouldnt be completely blown out, I was at 24mm the whole time - i should have brought my 16-35 but I didnt want the ultra wide look to it, so i kept to the wide-mid range.

For the last set I did some solos with Eric - I started off with natural light shooting at F2.8 to get alot of very selective focus points, always focusing on the eyes.

Last I threw a beauty dish up as high as possible pointed down and shot at F18. for these shots I had him bring his chin up so the face would get the majority of the lighting and getting a solid classic portrait with directional lighting.

It was awesome getting to work with these guys for the first time, we got some excellent shots, and then their live set was just incredible! see these guys live if you havent! Hopefully when their next cycle hits I will be working with them again.

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