Friday, May 27, 2011

Todays Shoot - Aiden

Anytime Aiden or William comes around I'm pumped to get them in front of my lens, because they can NOT take a bad photo. I would say they are one of my favorite bands to photograph, since I first shot them in 2005 - I think we have shot maybe 5 or 6 times total and each time we have created some excellent shots.

As soon as I saw the tour was coming through, I hit up Wil to sort out a photo shoot and get them some press. Nicholas actually hit me up a few days prior saying he also wanted to get some solo shots, so I was pretty pumped to know they were looking forward to the shoot as well.

We Planned to shoot just before they went on, which meant we would be shooting in a dressing room ive shot about 100 times. SO! I knew I had to do something special and make it look different. I brought some softboxes with me - which I rarely use on location, and I was going to experiment with the room a bit to make it look unlike the many other shoots I've done there in the past.

First thing I find out when I roll up is that my buddy Mike aka Ratboy ex-ETID was playing drums for Aiden and would be in the shoot. So I was pumped to see him for the first time since the last ETID shoot I did with him, oddly enough, in the same dressing room.

I started with a boomed large beauty dish on a dynalite uni400 - set at 35% power - set up high - pointed at about a 50 degree angle toward the band - so the main light would be directional, from above but with enough front lighting to light down to about the bottom of the chin rather than if it were straight down it would start having fall off after the nose. I also set two rim lights up almost to the ceiling and downward to them for the first set. I started off with solo shots of Nick as he was ready first, I shot these with the 24-70 on the Canon 1ds Mark 2 at F16 at an 80th ISO 100. When the whole band came in I had my assistant move the rims to be behind the guys so there would be back lighting and rim lighting - as youll see it acts as a hair light for Nick and Angel - but a rim light for Mike and Wil. Anyway, enough words right? heres some photos.

After having them sit, I had them stand for a few shots - actually standing on the couch - not in front of it. I jumped up to F18. it gave them almost a whole different look. One thing to keep in mind as a photographer is you dont always have to move lights to change a shot, you can move the band! So I did another set with the band then a set of solos with Wil, The cigarette acted like a mini smoke machine, and actually added to the whole atmosphere of the image.

Next I set up two 3x4 soft boxes - I didnt really like the group shots in this lighting, in this room, because it looked too much like stuff ive done before but the solo shots of Wil were perfect - so heres a group shot just so you can get a feel for it - and a couple more solo shots of Wil - these were at F8 at an 80th.

And that was the end of that shoot. Thus far I would say some of my favorite aiden shots were taken during this shoot. I could shoot them constantly, always get something different, and always get something awesome. I'll probably find an outlet to shoot them for the next time they are around. I'm sure this is far from the last time they will be in front of my lens. It was awesome seeing Mike again and getting to catch up with him, and as always its excellent seeing Wil who is one of the best dudes I know in this industry. Til next time...

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