Saturday, March 12, 2011

Todays Shoot - The Gamechanger Tour Day 1 of 2 (A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, etc.)

With a job like mine, you meet alot of people and watch their careers as they rise or plummet, make some solid friendships, make some solid frienemies as well.

I was lucky enough to cross paths with the dudes in A Day To Remember back in the day - and forming solid friendships with these guys, who to this day remain very good friends.

The only thing that is a bit of a bummer, is many of my close friends are on tour 80% of the year and dont live anywhere near me the 20% they are home. So I see my good friends just a handful of times a year, at best. - A few of which I travel a bit for - ADTR being probably atop that list.

SO! when I saw they had two back to back shows at the venue I am the house photographer at, I was pretty pumped! then on top of that my buds in Bring Me The Horizon as well as my photo brother from another mother, Adam Elmakias - would be with them.

for this two day trip - I didnt have to do any photo shoots aside from a quick in tune GP (guitar pick) endorsement thing. SO! it would be mostly hang time - and shooting them live.

SO! to kill the wordyness - why dont I just show you some photos?

First up was Pierce The Veil - who had an amazing Mario inspired backdrop and amp covers - so awesome. I was shooting these between F8-F10 at a 10th-15th at ISO400 with a canon 40D - using the 16-35 and fisheye 15mm - with a speedlite and a lumiquest 80/20 with diffuser.

Next up was a We Came As Romans - who had darker lighting than Pierce The Veil - so I was shooting at F8 at a 10th most of the time - for today I wasnt really concerned too much with the shots, knowing I'd see it today then REALLY shoot it tomorrow for WCAR and PTV.

Next up were my buds in Bring Me The Horizon - and they always seem to pose a bit for me when they see me so I always get some really cool shots of these guys even if theres like 40 photographers in the photo pit, which there were for day 1. BMTH lighting was a bit better with more movement so i was shooting closer to to a 15th and 20th because I knew I was shooting the next day I mostly got shots of Oli as he kinda got into my lens a bunch which was AWESOME for shots.

Next up it was time for ADTR - now my plan was to shoot one day from the barricade and the next from the front of house and balcony. Their lighting was aaaamaaazing, I was shooting at F8 at a 30th-45th so my flash would light them then the shutter speed would bring in their amazing set and lighting. I would go into details about how insane the show was but ill let the photos sort of speak for themselves. - there are MANY photos - so... be warned.

Such an amazing time hanging with some really good friends, and as always, watching my friends become a huge success just makes me proud - and the fact that they are still the realest people on earth is mind blowing - most people change with time alone - not even putting major success with it - but these dudes will always be the best people on earth in one of the best bands on earth - putting on the best shows for the biggest crowds - so proud of em! - more photos for day two! peep em in the next post!

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