Friday, March 25, 2011

Todays Shoot - Mehdi of In Fear and Faith for Vic Firth

Today I was doing two shoots for Vic Firth - the first was a quick shoot with Mehdi Niroomand from the band Of Fear And Faith, who actually didnt even have his sticks yet. I believe he borrowed a set from Matt DGD.

So I wanted to stay simple with this one, I used a small beauty dish - and just put it up around face level so he would be hit with harsh light for a high contrast image.

Lighting: single beauty dish on a dynalite jackrabbit uni400 set to 25%

Camera: Canon 1ds Markii Lens: 24-70

Settings: F8 at a 250th, ISO100

At a 250th it bled in the bright blue sky perfectly, while blending him, and the sticks/logo perfectly.

here are the two final images

I'm hoping next time these dudes are around we will be doing a full group shoot.

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