Friday, March 25, 2011

Todays Shoot - Matt Mingus of Dance Gavin Dance

The second of two Vic Firth shoots was with Matt Mingus of Dance Gavin Dance, who I had not seen in a while (since I last did a shoot with DGD a few years before, for outburn magazine). So I was pumped to get to see these guys again and do another shoot with Matt.

We set up on the couch in the dressing room - I started with two rims tuned to 25% and a boomed a beauty dish straight down on him at 25% - I shot this at F10 at a 160th with the 24-70 lens on the canon 1ds mark 2

I was going for a lens flare effect with heavy directional lighting for this - and it worked out perfectly while still having the sticks and logo perfectly visible.

Next I wanted to have some fun shots with less dramatic lighting - I left the rims where they were and brought the dish straight in front of him for a more non-directional front full lighting. - I dropped to F8 still shooting at a 160th

It was awesome getting to shoot with Matt again, the DGD dudes are always awesome to work with, im sure next time they are around, they will be in front of my lens again

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