Saturday, March 5, 2011

Todays Shoot - Cradle of Filth

So todays shoot was going to one of those I check off on my proverbial photo bucket list (not to be confused with the website photo bucket, but ya know).

Anyway, The band that first got me into black metal aside from Darkthrone and Satyricon - was Cradle of Filth, who, about 10 years ago, I could absolutely credit as my favorite band at the time of the Cruelty and the Beast era.

Anyway, I have shot COF live a ton of times, but have yet to do a session with them.

In my work, I tend to shoot more of the younger, and non-metal bands more so than black metal bands, just for the fact that there is about 100 pop punk/pop rock/young band tours - to every 1 real metal tour.

So finally it was time to do a COF shoot, which, though I have not really followed the band in years, I was still pretty pumped about it.

When I arrived, their tour manager was pretty strict as to shooting directly before they go on stage, which I assumed would happened as does with many other bands who wear stage clothes and make up (like behemoth, gwar, slipknot, etc). but when I had found a good location, three actually, they were all shot down... the tour manager again was very very strict.

He suggested I shoot them in the catering room... which is too small to shoot a 3 peice band let alone a - what? 6 peice band? right? yeah... I couldnt do that

so I had set up on the loading door ramp, out of sight of the audience but the side of the stage, as there was no room in the dead case room.

The tour manager came over and basically said I cant shoot there in so many words..


luckily turisas ran in and grabbed their large wardrobe case which gave just enough room for about four people in the dead case room - so I set up there. one light bare parabolic behind pointed toward me and one beauty dish boomed above,

it was going to be tight, but the tour manager said "ok, this works" - so - the band started gathering - and I started shooting at F16 at a 160th, F100 with the 24-70 - which was good for the wider side in such a small and tight shooting area with 6 people. - after the first shot, I knew this would work. I shot a few group shots for about 30 seconds, then sent the band on their way

After finishing with the band I did some solos with Dani - still with the same settings

After i finished the intro music started and they took the stage so i ran up front for live shots before breaking down and heading out.

It was great getting to work with a band I have literally been into for over ten years. I always get really pumped when working with any band I actually grew up listening to, especially if they were one of my favorite bands, and needless to say, it was their sound AND their image which really made COF one of my favorite bands, and to be able to capture that image... is an honor for sure.

They ended up using the images on their official blog and website, which was pretty cool, hopefully we will get to shoot again and next time go all out.

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