Friday, March 25, 2011

Todays Shoot - Jonny Craig

I've met Jonny a few times, and even shot him live, but had yet to do a photo session with him. I figured it was time.

Surrounded by controversy, cleaning up, and being bashed by what seems like half of the universe, I wasnt sure how open to a shoot Johnny would even be with all that crap flying around PLUS! it being his 25th birthday! but not only was he into it, he was SUPER accommodating, and outgoing.

I wanted to do something a little different for Jonnys photos so I set a single parabolic rim to my right - his left - and pointed it toward his left shoulder at 50% power, then used a medium sized beauty dish boomed but pointed toward him at almost a direct angle at 25% power.

I shot these at F8 at a 160th ISO100 - using the 24-70 lens on the canon 1ds mark2. - in some shots he was having fun with a bottle of JD - like it was a JD endorsement photo haha. Then I had him leave back a bit to get a more relaxed feel for the shots

For the final shots I had him lean forward and turned the rim to hit the front of his face for a strong lens flare and a different look - darker image with softer contrast where the highlights and shadows would make everything pop a bunch more. These were also shot at F8 at a 160th iso100

See these shots in print in two weeks!
It was awesome getting to finally shoot with Jonny, and despite it being his birthday, he took time out to shoot, and was amped to get some great shots. There is alot of shit talk and negativity toward this dude and suffice to say, this dude eats negativity and spits out positivity. nicest dude, and from what I've seen, hes bettering himself off with every move he makes now. SO! I guess what im trying to say is dont believe the hype. I wasnt sure what to expect, but he was great to me, and I will back this dude as being one of the nicest dudes I've shot with. Hopefully next time hes around we get to shoot again! keep on keeping on.

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