Monday, September 27, 2010


While on the mighty Ghostbustour - I ended up doing actual photo sessions with IWABO pretty much every day, every other day, depending on how cool the location was and how much time we had.

Today we were in a club in Richmond, Virginia, we did the meet and greet upstairs, and today was really the first day I decided, hey, lets do a shoot every day, why not? ya know.

So I set up a boomed dish - on tour i had a small beauty dish, which had, just the day before taken a near fatal dive from the light to concrete, but luckily, Bieber saved the day and fixed it.

anyway, boomed dish - 2 bare parabolics behind them - one i pointed away from them and upward to light the environment a bit, the other i had pointed toward them - camera right - a bit to their left to make it less unidirectional, for leading line. I shot these with the 24-70 at F10 at a 160th ISO100 - now these photos ended up with a bit of glare bleed from the dish being smaller than i was used to - so i didnt know to set it properly - but it only really SLIGHTLY effected the vertical shots.

check it!

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