Thursday, September 2, 2010

Todays Shoot - Phil Labonte shooting stuff.

So being that im so far behind - im going to be posting my daily shoots - WHILE catching up with back shoots. soooo bare with me as i do that.

Anyhoo - my good friend Phil invited me to go with him to the shooting range to take some shots (both with guns and cameras). I've never shot a gun before, so I was pretty pumped.

The area was all shaded, so I was shooting at ISO100 but at a 125th (kinda slow for fast shots) at 2.8

I was trying to get muzzle fire during the shots - and really only got ONE shot of it because the timing has to be EXACT unless youre shooting burst - which i wasnt.

The hand gun had more of a muzzle flame while the AR-15 was just smoke really

Anyway - here at the shots i got!

I ended up shooting just a bit and it was pretty awesome. it took me a second to really "get it" but after i started i was able to hit the metal target. im no ted nugent or anything, but i think im going to try to shoot a few more times to see if its something im into. - seems like a really really expensive hobby though haha.

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