Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Todays show was at the Santos party house (of Andrew WK fame) - and being that there wasnt much room upstairs to do a meet and greet, we found a spot downstairs with a giant mirror ball. it was aweeessssoommmeee.

Most of the shoots I did on this tour, I kept simple, and just used one light for this meet and greet and the shoot afterward

I see some photographers set up 5-8, sometimes even 10 lights to get something you could easily capture with two.... its just unnecessary overkill. Learn how to do everything you can with one light, then everything you can with two lights... three... etc.

Anyway - so i brought a dish up behind me up high so it would light the mirror ball as well as the band, I set it to 50% and made sure the lighting was even on everyone, then started shooting - at F11 ISO100 at a 160th

I liked this location so much I ended up doing solo shots here as well, the mirror ball was just too epic not to!

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