Sunday, November 14, 2010

Todays Shoot - Suicidal Tendencies

Every now and again I get the opportunity to work with a legendary band, and by legendary, I mean bands who have had influence over an entire generation of people, as Suicidal has had with thrash metal. I mean, who doesnt know "all i wanted was a pepsi" one of the most famous lines in thrash metal ever.

SO! Suicidal was on their first east coast tour in... i dont even know how long. So as soon as I saw that they were coming, I found a magazine that wanted photos and set up the photoshoot, which, when it was set up, was a "maybe" due to the fact that one of the members had a very ill family member, who passed on the night before our shoot, which made me think it may not happen.

So I showed up, and when I arrived it was still up in the air but it ended up working out to be a quick 5 minute shoot

Mostly they were looking to get solo shots of Mike Muir, as two of the dudes are just hired on for the tour, but I got group shots as well.

We did two sets, with dying batteries (I didnt charge them the night before due to assuming the shoot wasnt going to happen, big mistake!)

The first set was on a couch, that youve seen probably 40 times before because its the main palladium dressing room - I boomed a dish above them and used one bare pointed directly at me behind them for some separation.

These are shot at F18 ISO100 at a 160th with the 24-70 lens and the mark 2 1ds body

After those shots I moved the couch out of the way and had them stand in front of it for some group shots, I left the lighting the same aside from turning the bare blub toward the ground to get more leading lines toward the camera - shot at the same settings - i didnt really have time in a 5 minutes til stage type shoot to really mix it up, but hopefully we will get to shoot again

It was awesome getting to work with such a legendary band, and very lucky as they canceled the rest of the dates on this tour a day or two after the shoot due to the death in the family. When I started shooting live I only had one set of batteries, and they were half charged at best - so I only got about 15 solid shots of the band when I could have had 50 - just a reminder to everyone, ALWAYS BE OVER PREPARED! - I wasnt and I lost out on some solid shots because of it.

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