Friday, November 5, 2010

Todays Shoot - Enslaved

So for those who arent painfully aware, for whatever reason... my roots are deep in Black Metal! - so when the opportunity to photograph Enslaved AND Dimmu Borgir the same day AND! the first day of the tour. I was pretty much ready to put on corpse paint and set fire to something, I was so pumped.

First up was Enslaved, who I havent worked with before, but I was really pumped to get a chance to photograph because I have been listening to them since I was a teenrager haha.

So it was a bit chilly out, I took them across the street from the palladium into an open lot and did the first shot against an uneven concrete wall. I was hoping to get a similar feel as I did with the Vamps, but alas, these dudes are SO tall - it was difficult getting light both on them, and behind them with a single dish, in the same way I have in the past. SO! I took a few shots there and moved on. I didnt really work with any of those shots but heres one for an example...

anyway, since I wasnt digging that I went natural light, which seems to be how they are normally photographed on the mountains and cliff sides of Norway... this time.. the parking lot... of... worcester... ya. well I really liked what i got here I was shooting at 2.8 with the 70-200 at ISO 100 - really trying to kick that selective focus - then i tilted the axis a bit so the shot wouldnt be a boring straight on shot and it brings your eyes STRAIGHT to the singer... SEE!

Next shot I did was with lighting - i used a bare with parabolic behind them, but instead of pointing it down as ive been doing i angled it more toward their back so the leading lines wouldnt be so overpowering and the shadows would be less harsh. then i boomed a large beauty dish above them and raised it up as high as it could possibly go - because norwegians are apparently like 300 feet tall each. - i shot these at an 80th (to bleed in the sky) at F16 ISO100

aaand that was the end of that shoot, which I loved the outcome because we have three very different images to work with, the dudes were pumped on the raw images i showed them back of camera, so thats always a plus!


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