Friday, November 5, 2010

Todays Shoot - Dimmu Borgir

what can top shooting Enslaved for the first time?

Shooting DIMMU BORGIR! for the 5TH TIME!

now as with most of the times I have shot them I knew I was going to have about 1 minute with them, directly before they walk on stage - as is the norm for many black metal bands, or bands that wear outfits, make up, stage stuff (like gwar, slipknot, etc)

So I've shot them in the parking lot, ive shot them outside the backstage door, ive shot them in the dressing room, and ive shot them by the load out doors... whats left to use directly before stage?

oh! an area you could literally fit one king size bed into - at the MOST and there were suitcases, stage clothes, and a large case that held the stage clothes in there already... aaaand if a light was set up there - it would be in the way of getting from the stage to... anywhere else.

well, ok, im ready for the challenge. I set up and boom a dish as high as the ceiling - which was pretty low... and i knew unlike the photo shoots ive done with dimmu borgir in the past, this shoot would only be with three dudes as the rest of the band is now considered... not in the band. which makes life much easier trying to work with 3 dudes rather than 6

So i set up - took a test shot of my assistant to make sure we were good, and basically waited for the band to come in - they came in - and i immediately got them as close as possible with out looking lame - to cut out the cases around them - I basically wanted darkness - and them - nothing more - so I made sure we could make that happen. I was shooting atF20 at an 80th ISO100 1ds mark 2 - 24-70 lens.

I did the group shots first - and literally after about 12 shots, I had to move on to the solos in order to have time for them. I know they have to get ready and set up, so I sort of let them go in the order of whats most important to them. One at a time I shot them all slightly differently in terms of pose and where the rim of the dish would be hitting them. I purposely made sure Galders' face was more in shadow because I knew his make up and head would reflect alot of light, and I wanted to get the three images to match the best as possible. SUCCESS! - after three shots per person - they were out and before i broke my light down - the first song was happening. and thats how shoots with black metal bands generally go.

The settings were the same for the solos by the way

I really liked how the make up and new attire already had a very greyscale look to them, very little, if any color at all, which is perfect, because I was going for simplicity.

I was so pumped to get the chance to work with Dimmu yet again! - and look forward to working with them again in the future - great people!

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