Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Todays Shoot - Christine/Farewell to Freeway

SO! I wanted to wait for the CD to come out before posting this - aaand it came out today - so... here ya go.

I was hit up by the awesome DoubleJ over at Victory Records, we have worked together a bunch previously, first with A Day to Remember (for those who have heart cd cover/booklet/layout etc.), then again with some promo shoots, then another layout/cd cover for Emmure (felony) - this time around it was a quick fix for Farewell to Freeway.

The shoot was already done but apparently wasn't up to par or did not fit the vision right, something like that.

The idea was a drugged out, mess, of a girl basically looking like a mess in different creepy dark locations, dark imagery... which is sort of my forte so this would be perfect. The title is "filthy habits"... got it!

I already had someone in mind to model for this, so I hit her up, and literally about 12 hours after getting the first word on this job, I was shooting it, in my basement!

My basement is creeeepy, all concrete, no strong colors, so I figured it would be perfect for this!

I brought a mattress downstairs because I figured some of her in bed looking a mess was a must, I shot her against a washer all curled up. I wanted to have her make up somewhat runny, so I had her mess it up, mess up her hair and look as cracked out as possible.

I shot all of this as FLAT LIT as possible!! I knew that 2xJ was going to do some awesome editing to the final images and make them look epic - so I wanted to make everything very flat, no harsh shadows on the models face or where the concentration should be.

Half way through shooting I decided to dump the shots on the comp and send a few over to see if its what he wanted... thumbs up! a little more direction in terms of what he liked and didnt like, which rules, instant feedback and i can get more of the shots that were needed for the layout.

we went back to shooting

Now the trick to shooting layout is VARIATION! - you want to change details almost constantly - so the poses are constantly changing - the hair is changing - the bed sheets are there one shot - bare bed the next - etc.

I shot all of these with a single small beauty dish and the 24-70 lens - I was constantly changing the lighting and poses between every few shoots, so I cant really list it all, but basically look where the lighting is and you should be able to figure out where its pointing.

I was at F16 the entire time at a 125th ISO100

After finishing up in the basement we went up to my bathroom and shot another set of her looking into the mirror, reflection shots can be great if youre really going for the theme of someone looking at their life, and where it went wrong. those shots are all 2.8 at iso640 as the light wasnt super strong

The last shot we did that day was in the bathtub - and what a trooper! it wasnt exactly super warm but she made do - and these are my favorite shots of the series - she looks sooooo creepy in them - i boomed a dish very carefully above the tub to get this look, and it just worked perfectly. This is at F14 as my bathroom is all white and just reflects about one extra stop of light because of how close the lighting is to the model in these shots.

Day 2 we shot for about 15 minutes in an ally for a few final shots. - it was dusk so we shot at 2.8 at iso 800-1000 as the sun faded

welp here is the final cover - from original - to edit - to cover. TADAA

The editing on these images is SO awesome, it adds so much to the atmosphere of it.

Working with DoubleJ and Victory is ALWAYS awesome, hes beyond awesome, and Victory is actually an amazing label to do work with. Cant wait til next time!

Get the CD to peep the final images!

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