Friday, January 29, 2010

Todays Shoot - Behemoth

YES! every day with Behemoth in front of my lens is a very very good day.

I also know that its going to be a very hectic nightmare, because generally, when shooting a band who wears make up or costumes you have about a 2 minute window (max) to get the shots done in a very small area, directly before they go on stage.

So, being that I have shot behemoth about 5 times or so, I was very well aware of the circumstances.

On top of the regular nightmare it generally is to shoot them before set, they were combining their tour of three bands with the Devil Driver tour of 6 bands, for the first day, so that was also a logistics nightmare where everyone was running around super busy and stressed out, and on top of that they got a new guitar tech, THAT DAY! AHHH.

Luckily their tour manager is my old roomate, so that made things a bit easier in terms of locking down everything and sorting it out.

I basically had to set up my gear, and be ready for them to sit in, get shot - and go on stage right away and the only area i had to work with was a very full and cluttered dressing room that ive shot in several times... so... what to do????

I shot toward the middle of the room and used a black leather couch. I used two umbellas for split lighting but put them up a bit high - probably about 2.5 feet above the head of anyone sitting in the seat - and pointed them downward. - then used a beauty dish at 3/4 power for a main.

So the shoot ended up being less then a minute because they had trouble with their guitars, so basically as their intro music started for them to go on stage - is when i started shooting them.

While I was shooting Nergals solos - there were people behind him so i had to shop them out in post and unfortunatly the massage table is in the shot, and there was nothing i could do about that as it could not have been moved.

When i took my last shot - and said "all set" they RAN onto the stage and started playing - as i ran downstairs to get live shots while my assistant at the show - Andrea - packed up the gear for me.

Here is a final edit of a Nergal solo shot.

F14 - 10th - ISO 125

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