Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Todays Shoot: A Day To Remember/Rise Against (live)

I finally got a chance to play more with the 85mm 1.2 lens in a more active live setting and holy shit it aint easy. My advice... shoot at a VERY high speed 350-500+ if you can.

anyway - heres 36 photos of my buds in ADTR - ill post the rise against ones a bit later, im bogged down with 6 assignments (ugh) so I figured id just post this real quick and actually separate the images by lens used

the first group is shot with the 16-35

This group of images is the 85mm 1.2 - possibly my new favorite lens ever for natural lighting

The rest are shot with a Fisheye which I think is one of the most important lenses to have for shooting concerts.

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