Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Todays Shoot: Chelsea - Corpse Paint (selective grid usage)

I wanted to try something different... as I tend to do every now and again... and I had this idea for a while, but wasnt sure when or how I was going to implement it.

Basically I wanted it to be SUPER dark with VERY small selective lighting - and theres a few ways to do this - I wanted the lighting to be soft and to have hard shadows... I tried a few combos to get it right

I started using the 10 grid on a bare parabolic (to the right of the model up about 1-2 feet above her) pointed toward her face and a 1x4 soft box on the left - I didnt like the mix - the grid was too hot - but the soft box was PERFECT - however too large a light source

so I switched to the 5 grid - on the left, and the 10 grid on the right and shot at F5.6 with the ND4 filter on the 70-200 lens. - i had her make VERY small facial movements in order to get it the way I wanted it - and im stoked with the results - I will be doing more of this stuff in the near future.

check it (click for full size view)

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