Saturday, April 16, 2011

Todays Shoot - A Life Once Lost

Funny story.... years ago when I first started in portrait work, at Hallmark, I was still shooting shows, and a band named "a life once lost" needed a place to crash.

SURE! - heres the deal - i let them crash at the place, as long as I could photograph them the next day for an assignment.

And thus began an awesome working relationship and friendship.

Since out first shoot - my first real band shoot (i believe) - we have shot probably 10 times since - as I have followed their career, they have followed mine. shooting at my moms house (my first studio) - at my studio in springfield - and maybe even my current studio in chicopee? - as well as many on location shots at the palladium or webster.

Anyway, when my good friends over at Adrenaline asked for a shoot for the ALOL guys - I was pumped! getting to work with my friends again, even though it was during a hectic metal festival.

One thing I will say before getting into the tech - is they have a new drummer - who does NOT like looking at the lens EVER! even when I say "look at the camera" hahaha - so about 50% of the shoot was trown out.


We started in the parking lot - I used a single rim light to their left - camera right - and a boomed dish pointed down but not straight down - id say if 90 degrees was straight down - it was around 80 or so... that way there would be a bit more light on their faces.

It was a dark day but I wanted the sky to go grey and dark so I shot at a faster speed - these shots are 160th - F16 - ISO100 - using the 24-70 on the Canon 1ds Mii

I wanted to change the lighting just a bit - so i put the dish down to get very contrasty shots, and brought bob up to the light which was cool for a shot or two

Next we went around to a white wall around the side of the palladium and shot some natural light stuff at F5.6 - not 2.8 this time because I wanted the background to be a bit more clear in the depth of field. When posing I try to make the most of it - make it more interesting, so youll see the singer is closer to the lens, while the other dudes are mirror each others poses, leading to a more successful shot

After shooting that spot, I went to another spot that was a bit trickier to shoot. to the left was the sun - to the right - shadow - so I had to stagger their pose enough so the dude all the way on the right has lighting that isnt WAY darker than the dude on my left. The easiest way to do that was to pull them away from the sun the best I could into even lighting - and make sure no one was directly next to someone else. I shot these at F4.5 as it was getting a bit darker, but again I didnt want to completely blur out the background in the depth of field

And another shoot down! I did 17 shoots during metalfest? something like that? oof. It was great to see my friends again, I cant wait for them to start touring again, it feels like its been years since I saw them regularly. The new jams by the way.. soooo awesome! get ready! ALOL is back!

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