Sunday, October 17, 2010

Todays Shoot - Danny Trejo

There are few movies now a days that arent shitty remakes, or relaunchs, especially in the horror and action genres.

Machete is probably the best action movie to come out in YEARS, and for the first time, Danny Trejo was staring in a movie. I've been a fan of his work since seeing desperado years ago, and finally, seeing him star in a movie, is just awesome.

SO! When the opportunity to possibly do a photo shoot with Danny was around the corner, I immediately put out a feeler email and got 3 responses for spreads (one shoot, 3 mags!)

So, it was the last day of rock and shock, and if I was going to get this shoot, I had to make it happen quickly between him signing, and leaving the event.

I set up a boomed dish up super high, and as soon as he stood in, I realized hes way shorter than I am (and im pretty short!) - so I lowered the boom a bunch, I put it up against a large metal grated garage door, and figured it would give a good fall out, reflect just a bit as its worn matted metal, and would provide a clean and consistent background for the shoot

I did about two shots of him with his jacket on, then he took off his shirt, and did the rest of the shoot topless, as he is very famous for his tattoos, etc.

I shot these at F20 at ISO100 at a 160th with a canon 24-70 on the mark2 1ds

check it!

It was AWESOME getting to work with someone I've watched on screen since I was little, he is the nicest dude, and getting to shoot him at the current height of his hype (being machete) is even cooler. I really hope I get to work with him again in the future

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  1. These are superb dude!!!! Great subject and brilliant way of lighting for the mood of the dude. Hats off to you and your work.