Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Todays Shoot - The Chariot

Back on the Ghostbustour! - I planned on doing a shoot with The Chariot before I left for rock and shock, but ended up doing this in Hell Paso Texas! - it was super nice out, I just wanted to do something quick and simple for the ghostbustour spread, and we ended up having the most amaaaazing sunset happening behind them

I just boomed a dish up and pointed it at more of an angle toward them so their faces would go bright with out losing the clothing and body, but i BLASTED the light to 1/1 and shot at F22 - but at a 30th to really bring in the sunset behind them.

After shooting that, we did some shots against the wall behind them as there was no more daylight left to use, I turned the light down to 1/8th and turned the dish straight down to get a different feel for these shots.

Quick, simple, easy. started the shoot half way through sunset, lasted 5 minutes, and the sun was GONE, but the job got done :)

The Chariot are not only one of the (if not THE) best live bands ever, but they are also some of the best dudes on earth, and it was an honor to spend a month hanging out with these dudes.

also! - the Chariot had an AWESOME photographer out with them named Brian Hall - you can check out his work with them here = http://www.brianhallphotography.net/blog

Cant wait to see these guys again!

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