Saturday, January 29, 2011

Todays Shoot - Last Chance To Reason

So about a week ago my buddy Jason, formally of Heavy Hitter, now of Strong Management hit me up to shoot his most recent signing - Last Chance to Reason - who recently signed to Prosthetic Records.

I had a photo shoot earlier in the day with Trumpet The Harlot - but I dont mind doing back to back shoots as long as its do-able. The TTH shoot was an all out full shoot, and this LCTR shoot was to be a small in studio shoot.

SO! - instead of shooting AFTER their show, we decided to shoot real quick between their load in and stage time.

We went with something simple, we shot three sets of group shots and one set of solos.

The images that got chosen were a set shot with a large beauty dish boomed at about a 70 degree angle camera right toward the band - I wanted the lighting to have a SLIGHT direction on it - which is why i didnt have it straight down, and i also had to to the right of me. I shot this on a WHITE background but what I did was brought the band about 6-8 feet away from the background so it would go dark, give them a small halo of light behind them, while casting non-harsh shadows on it. These were shot at F16 ISO100 at a 160th with the Canon 1DS Mark 2 and a 70-200 2.8 L IS lens.

For the solo shots I wanted a more direct look - so i boomed a smaller dish up but again didnt point it straight down - I pointed it more toward them to only have a smaller harsh shadow below their chin. I shot these with the same settings - F16 ISO100 160th

Even though this shoot was literally 20-30 minutes at the most, we got alot of great shots - and i really like the lighting here everything is crisp, and clean, which is what you want in a shoot like this.

After the shoot we went back to the show, I checked out the band, and holy shit! you gotta hear these guys! amazing prog/power metal - and putting together some awesome surprises to come with their record when it comes out. GET READY!

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