Sunday, December 12, 2010

Todays Shoot - Diamond

Todays shoot was for my good friend Sam, who you may recognize from Trapped Under Ice.

He has another band, with Brendan (also from trapped under ice), David Wood from terror/down to nothing, and Justin...who... i dont know if hes in another band or not.

Anyway, so Sam hit me up and asked me to do some shots for them as they didnt have anything pro to work with, so after their load in at the waterfront we ran over to my studio and did a super quick 10 minute shoot.

Being that this band is more pop punk than hardcore I wanted to give them a brighter, lighter feel than I would give a band like trapped under ice or terror.

I used a beauty dish main boomed about 1.5 feet above them, pointed directly at them - with two parabolic bare rims behind them, pointed around shoulder area - but speficially not crossing light streams (cmon, you watched ghostbusters right?).

I shot these at F16 at a 125th ISO100 - using the 70-200 which is honestly the best lens for shooting in studio on a paper background cause you can still zoom in and out, while not going too wide to include anything off-paper. So we did a few serious shots, and a few fun shots, and ran right back to the show for them to play!

It was great getting to work with these dudes in a different way, in a different band. and although you may not have heard of them yet... you will!

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